#CreativeGoodness at Road to California 2015 – Stitch Like an Egyptian

When I attend a Quilt Show, I typically have a number of purposes:

-Attend Classes, workshops, presentations
-Shop a variety of Vendors for new products, or items that I typically can’t find in my favorite quilt shops
-find inspiration in the quilts on exhibit
– admire the winning quilts
– enjoy special exhibits
– admire quilts from teachers and designers, that I may later want to take classes from, or buy their books/patterns.
– get inspired by quilts with spectacular free-motion quilting
– See how Modern Quilts are evolving
– Look for Stunning applique
– Get inspired by Mixed Media Art Quilts
– look for humorous quilts that quack me up

Today I want to share insights with you about a special exhibit at Road, called “Stitch Like an Egyptian”. To start, I want to share a video by Kim Beamish, that is part of a series “How to Stitch Like an Egyptian”, which has several videos in this series available on Youtube, all worth watching!

If you are using a MAC, or having problems viewing this embedded video, here is a link where you can watch this video directly in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEJ7NOgT9kI.  And there are a number of other excellent videos on YouTube, by Kim Beamish, for “How to Stitch Like an Egyptian”.

P1130625 masked


This amazing exhibit had a stunning display of beautiful Egyptian quilts and there were also two talented Egyptian quilters, making quilts and answering questions at this exhibit.

P1130619 masked

The beautiful applique is actually stitched on a heavy cotton, of a muslin weight.  When I asked the experts, they shared that they liked the weight for being able to display the art.  While this heavy weight background fabric is not common in the US, I certainly could see how it added beauty to these quilts and help to stabilize them for display on a wall.
P1130620 maskedThere were many quilts on display in this exhibit, which showed amazing colors and detail.


P1130621 masked

All of the quilts in this exhibit were also for sale, and I thought the prices were very reasonable.  Any lucky buyer will certainly have an artistic treasure to enjoy. The details, color and quality of these artistic quilts were amazing.  My photos do not do them justice.

I hope you have been able to see one of the exhibits with quilts from Egypt. But if not, I hope you will get a chance to see them soon.  It is truly an inspirational exhibit.

The Tentmakers of Cairo:


You can find Road to California at:


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