Do you design Art, Digital Artwork, or like to use such?  If the answer is yes, dreamstime could provide you an opportunity to make money with your skills and/or find free digital artwork or purchase it at a reasonable price.

Like many quilters and bloggers, I need good visuals.  I don’t always have time to create my own, or always have the skillset to create graphics,  so I try to find sources of good Free ClipArt and where I can also purchase at a reasonable price.  One of my favorite sources is Dreamstime.  They have a number of free photos, and a large collection of photos and clipart available for a reasonable price.

Dreamstime also offers the ability for photographers, graphic artists, and those that create clip art to sell your unique digital images.   While Dreamstime has some wonderful clipart and images, they are short on quilty type of photos and clipart.  Thus, SewCalGal wants to increase awareness of this opportunity and hopefully get more quilters (and graphic artists) either selling their photos/clipart to Dreamstime, or donating such items (e.g. uploading).  And, don’t overlook that you wouldn’t just be enabling selling of your images to other quilters or bloggers, but various businesses that need to find such images/clipart to use for their publications.  So, this could feasibly be a way to increase awareness of anything from great quilty photos to beautiful fabrics, designs, etc.

Free Stock Photography: Tools: 2 1/2 Spring Clamp Picture. Image: 34057

{above}  Think of images of your quilty products on Dreamstime.  Possibilities are endless for how such images could be used and the awareness that your products could get.  But, be aware of the terms & conditions that Dreamstime requires as once you upload your image they own it.  And, you need to make sure you own the image you upload.  Still, for some, this could be a great opportunity.

If you travel and take photographs, Dreamstime may be an opportunity for you to make money off of such photographs!

Again, this is simply a source that I enjoy enjoy using their free images and also purchased images.  And, I simply wanted to heighten awareness as I wish they had more quilty images.  You may want to decide if Dreamstime is a good source for images/clipart for you, or if you want to test the waters of selling your unique images/clipart on this site.

Search Royalty Free stock images on Dreamstime:

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