Great Olympic Stories And How Quilting Plays A Part In The Olympic Spirit

While the 2012 Summer Olympics are over, I wanted to dedicate this post to every Olympian competitor, including those that competed in past Olympics. This includes Olympians from every country.  It doesn’t matter if they won, as they were all winners by the fact that they competed and made it to the Olympics.  I also want to take this opportunity to share some examples of how quilting plays a part in the Olympics.

Did you know that there was a project to make  quilted pennants for the 2012 Olympics? A project was started in 2009 to help create quilted pennants to give to every athlete that participated in the 2012 Olympics.  Over 17,000 quilted pennants were donated and many were displayed at the Olympics. I hope this tradition carries forward to future Olympics!

Marlene Oddie (KISSed Quilts) recently shared insights on her family ties to the Olympics, as well as sharing insights on a spectacular quilt she designed and created.  Like any Olympian, Marlene’s story and this quilt need to be shared.  Thus, I was delighted when she approved my using a photo of her quilt with you today.  I do hope you’ll take time to visit her wonderful blog and learning more about her ties to the Olympics.

There are actually a couple of posts on Kissed Quilts that you may want to read:
– Tutorial showing how she created this design in Electric Quilt/EQ7 software:
– Her family connection to the Olympics:

Kelly Jackson (I Have A Notion) kept many of us entertained during the Olympics with some very talented Flamingos that had their own special Opening Ceremonies, various competitions, Awards Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies.  I’m also delighted that Kelly approved my use of one of her photos of these Flamingo competitions.  Kelly’s blog is full of fun and entertainment, as well as shares great tips, tutorials and more for quilters.  I hope you’ll visit her blog and be entertained with the Flamingos and all of Kelly’s fun blog posts.

Flamingo Beach Volleyball

Moda Fabrics Sponsored the Quilter’s Olympics and you can find more insights on this fun event at the Moda Cutting Table.

The XXII Olympic Winter Games will take place in 2014 in Sochi, Russia.  The banner for the Winter Olympics 2014 has beautiful quilting motifs.  While you can find more info on this by searching the internet, I found a great post on by Michele Bilyeu (Heart and Hands) that shares insights that will certainly be interesting to quilters, so I hope you’ll visit her wonderful blog to see her post on this topic.

What did you enjoy most about the summer Olympics, or did you hold your own quilt Olympics in your sewing room and not watch any of the competitions on tv?

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