The “Make a Boob” Project

I’ve always been passionate about fighting breast cancer.  I’m lucky in that no one in my family has a history of breast cancer, but I’ve also lost several close friends to this cancer, and I’ve had more friends than I can count that have had to fight it. I’m always looking for new ideas to help and was very happy to learn about “The Make a Boob Project”.  This is a project that I want to support, help increase awareness of, and I’m already dreaming of how wonderful it would be for this project to spread worldwide. 

Nina-Lise (Mrs. Moen) is an award winning quilter, designer, and teacher from Norway.  She is also a fellow blogger, whom I follow with great delight.  She always inspires me with her beautiful quilts, quiltart, knitting and more.  When she shared insights on her Make A Boob Project, I knew this was something that would make a difference.

This project started out with Nina-Lise’s simple wish to offer breast cancer patients a little art therapy and to create awareness and involvement.  The project has two mail goals:

1) offering people with breast cancer to participate in workshops where we decorate boobs. These workshops are set up in co-operation with the local chapter of the Cancer Association. Participants can decide to keep their work or to donate them to Make a Boob Art.

2) to create awareness and involvement through:
– making circles for workshops
– participating in workshops and decorating boobs
– exhibition of Make a Boob Art

Nina-Lise will be collecting circles that will be decorated at workshops during 2011, made into Make a Boob Art and exhibited.  You can read more about the project at the a special blog for this project, called the “Make a Boob Blog”:

Nina-Lise would love to include boobs from all over the world.  She needs  hundreds of boobs, so if you would like to participate you can make plain ones, treasured ones, adorned ones, or fancy ones.  Boobs of all styles are needed and plain ones are needed to help enable workshop participants decorate boobs for this project too.

Information is available on how to make boobs for this project.  They are easy and fun to make.  You’ll need a regular CD as a template to draw circles on top or bottom of the fabric, fabric for the top (any color), and a light fabric for the back.  A fine line fabric marker or pencil is also needed, along with low loft, non bearding batting and black thread.  

Steps are simple in that you layer the top fabric, batting, and backing fabric and pin like you would any quilt.  But please do not use basting spray, as it might gum up the needles while decorating.  And please sign them on the back.

For those that can make boobs, information is available on where to send them on the Make A Boob Project website, or you can email Nina-Lise at mrsmoen (at) yahoo (dot) no for more information. 

I hope you see why I think this is a great project and that it is an easy project to contribute.  But I do realize that there are many wonderful charity projects out there in need of help. And I admire all those that help others, in any way they can. Still, I dream Nina-Lise’s Make A Boob Project being a huge success, helping so many impacted with breast cancer as well as increasing awareness of breast cancer with others.  I also dream of how wonderful it would be to see finished quilted boobs become a traveling quilt exhibit, where they can be on exhibit at a number of quilt shows throughout the world.  And, of course, I dream of how much fun it would be for the Make A Boob Project to become a WW project.